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Baker & Cook

First opened in 2012, Baker & Cook is Singapore’s only true artisan bakery & foodstore. Our bakery products are hand-crafted and made with time honoured processes with honest ingredients. Baker & Cook is the creation & pride of celebrated Global Baker, Dean Brettschneider.

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Plank Sourdough Pizza

Plank Sourdough Pizza is Singapore’s first pizza restaurant to serve pizza with a sourdough base. Made with the same long fermentation process used to make the Artisan sourdough breads at Baker & Cook, Plank is renowned for its soft and pillowy crust that remains crisp. Plank Sourdough Pizza is a friendly and relaxed, family style restaurant serving a variety of gourmet sourdough pizzas, pasta, dessert and is a licenced drinks venue.

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Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers

Born in 2018 out of a desire to create really good honest Antipodean burgers made with Baker & Cook sourdough buns, Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers has been a real hit in the Greenwood neighbourhood and is a scalable burger business.

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Crosstown Doughnuts

Crosstown is a scratch bakery. We roll our dough by hand. We make all of our jams, compotes, fillings, glazes and toppings in-house, fresh every day, using the finest ingredients we can find to deliver real, honest flavour. We think our doughnuts pair perfectly to specialty coffee, which is why we serve them together where we can. We can call this #craftbycrosstown.

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Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

A natural-born teacher, Dean is passionate about educating home bakers and cooks about quality ingredients, proper baking and cooking techniques, and thoughtful presentation. In April 2016, he opened Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School. His mission in an era of fast food is to keep the art of baking and cooking alive.

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