From novice to expert. The 80’s were a time of personal growth, leadership development and international acknowledgement.


Starting Apprenticeship

As the only male in his school home economics class, it was by default and in retrospect, serendipitous, that Dean was offered an apprenticeship at the esteemed Rangiora Bakery.

A Flair for Baking

While 16 hours a day, physical hard labour would not be for every 16 year old, it was clear to Dean only a few weeks into his apprenticeship that baking was going to be his life.


Accepting the first prize award for the Baking Trophy as New Zealand’s Captain of the Trans-Tasman Baking Team.

National Apprentice of the Year

On the back of leading the New Zealand Trans-Tasman Baking Team to victory over Australia in 1987, Dean continued to excel in baking competitions. With the support and guidance of Baking teacher Mark Shrubshall, Dean won New Zealand Apprentice of the Year in 1988.