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Dean is an international award-winning author of numerous best-selling books on the subject of baking, travel, business and innovation.

In his books he displays in-depth knowledge of all aspects of baking, from ingredients to equipment, techniques and processes. Many of Dean's books are international and have won highly regarded and recognised, including two Golden Ladies at the World Food Media Awards.

  • Cook: Food To Share

    Author: Dean Brettschneider, Jenna White, Helen Burge
    RRP: NZ$46.44
    ISBN: 9789814841610
    Hardback, 180 pages, Marshall Cavendish Cuisine

    Good food brings people together and nobody knows that better than Dean Brettschneider and his teams at Baker & Cook and Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School. Dean’s irresistible range of pastries, cakes and meals — served up at his bakeries and taught at his cooking school — draw people together, and he shares many of these favourite recipes in this book.

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  • Passion Is My Main Ingredient

    Released: November 2019
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$25
    ISBN: 9-814868-01-9
    Paperback, 248 pages

    In this blistering memoir of his life in the baking business, Dean Brettschneider describes his journey from a small town baker’s apprentice to Global Baker and the internationally successful entrepreneur he is today. Make no mistake — this is not a book about baking. As we follow the interwoven arcs of Dean’s career and personal life, his experience teaches us practical lessons on how to harness our passion to strategically improve ourselves and advance our careers. His revelations on entrepreneurship — most notably how he founded Baker & Cook and transformed it from a neighbourhood bakery into a multi-national money spinner in a matter of years — give us a first row view of what goes into building a business from the ground up, including all of the pain and sacrifice that comes with it. Told in a refreshingly frank manner, Dean’s story is sometimes shockingly direct, often hilarious, and always enlightening, leaving us with valuable astute insights into how to navigate the trials and tribulations of life in business.

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  • Kiwi Baker At Home

    Released: September 2018
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$56.03
    ISBN: 9780947503765
    Hardback, 220 pages

    Global Baker Dean Brettschneider’s newest cookbook offers a glimpse into what the savvy baker likes to cook in his home kitchen. There are easy, casual recipes perfect for weekend lunch or tasty treats to pack into your lunch box for a delicious office lunch. The book also offers step-by-step advice on bread and pastry making techniques.

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  • Baker & Cook

    Released: June 2018
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$65.00
    ISBN: 978-981-47-5156-8
    Hardback, 312 pages, Marshall Cavendish Cuisine

    Dean Brettschneider finally brings to you the story and recipes behind the successful artisan and food store, Baker & Cook. The allure of this book is in the backstory of the warm, cosy cafe you frequently sit to enjoy fresh bread and coffee and the beautiful and honest way Dean writes it. The recipes for all your Baker & Cook favourites are right here for you to try at home.

    Nobody ever reads a book from cover to cover. Dean Brettschneider, Baker & Cook founder would know – he has written 12 of them so far but his latest book, Baker & Cook – the story and recipes behind the successul artisan bakery and food store, is a little different.

    There’s no room for self-glorification here. The story draws you in from Dean’s time in Shanghai and a bad business fallout that led to a small yet mighty discovery: learning to use Chinese five-spice powder instead of European mixed spices in a traditional carrot cake recipe, a little twist that led Baker & Cook’s carrot cake to its international fame today.

    The pages are woven with equally fascinating anecdotes that go back to when Dean first met his partner. How the two of them hit it off “on a long bike ride in 90 percent humidity and 32-degree heat”; how they walked around the sleepy neighbourhood of Hillcrest road (now the home to their flagship Baker & Cook outlet); and how, seven months later, the decision to rent the space was made over a long-distance call in mere seconds.

    Just like Baker & Cook, this book is a passion project. It’s certainly not just another cookbook. And this is why you will end up reading it from cover to cover.

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  • Bread

    Released: November 2014
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$45.00
    ISBN: ISBN-13 978-1909342774
    Hardback, 208 pages, Jacqui Small

    From Global Baker Dean Brettschneider comes this mouth-watering collection of more than 60 bread recipes plus detailed step-by-step instructions on artisan bread making techniques. Bread by Dean Brettschneider is the definitive collection of irresistible recipes from a truly global baker, with stunning photography from leading food photographer, Aaron McLean.

    Whether you fancy a bagel or a baguette, sourdough or sticky buns, these delectable and easy-to-follow recipes are sure to become firm favourites.

    As one of New Zealand’s most respected bakers, with more than 25 years of experience, Dean’s in-depth knowledge of ingredients, equipment, processes and techniques will help you achieve the delicious taste of perfect freshly baked bread – whether healthy, savoury or sweet – to share and enjoy with family and friends.

    Dean’s indispensable expert knowledge will show you how simple it is to start baking, by mastering basic breads, such as a simple scone or a farmhouse loaf. When you’ve practised and gained an understanding of the taste, texture and feel of the dough, you’ll have the confidence to move on to more ambitious breads. There is no limit to the different breads you can achieve with Dean’s step-by-step advice – from baking a crusty ciabatta through to growing your own sourdough starter to create the ultimate pain au levain.

    You will be amazed at the quality, lightness, volume, flavour, crust and crumb of your bread after following Dean’s recipes, tips and know-how in his irresistible new book, Bread. His global baking influences will add a new twist to your artisan loaf.

    – As a good friend of mine once said, “Bread is the new coffee” – and the success of Dean’s Global Baker brand and the growing demand for the modern artisan loaf suggests this might well be true!

    Bread is the definitive cookbook for bread baking today.

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  • Pie - 80+ Pies And Pastry Delights

    Released: September 2012
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$45
    ISBN: 9780143566960
    Hardback, 224 pages, Jacqui Small

    A generous, mouth-watering collection of the most irresistible pastry classics and creations from around the world, by award-winning Global Baker and patissier Dean Brettschneider.

    Who can resist a steaming-hot home-baked pie? Whether it’s savoury or sweet, humble or gourmet, individual or family-sized, a tasty pie is an enduring Kiwi favourite. Particularly good in winter, there is nothing more satisfying than eating a piping-hot, freshly baked pie, tart, quiche or even sausage roll which has just come out of the kitchen oven, brimming with various fillings enclosed in a buttery pastry. Pie: 80+ Pies and Pastry Delights is the definitive pie cookbook, unlocking the secrets to making a truly melt-in-your-mouth pie.

    Pie: 80+ Pies and Pastry Delights is the definitive pie cookbook, unlocking the secrets to making a truly melt-in-your-mouth pie.

    Complete with meat pies, seafood pies, vegetarian pies, sweet pies and not-quite-a-pie pies (such as sausage rolls, flans, tarts, shortcakes, pasties, plaits, flammkuchen and whoopee pies), Pie also includes a comprehensive pastry-making section featuring 24 pastry recipes with all the tips and tricks for if you’re serious about mastering pastry. All of the recipes in the book are based on traditional recipes but with Dean Brettschneider’s modern, global new world baking style.

    Arguably New Zealand’s best artisan baker, Dean Brettschneider has a passion for pies and getting more people back to eating the humble pie:

    ‘Pies in many shapes and sizes are made around the globe and are the most baked product in the home kitchen – the world is full of home bakers making their favourite pies for themselves, family and friends.’

    Dean has seen the evolution of the pie in New Zealand, from growing up with tuck-shop pies, to his days working on product development to get a pie with crispy pastry from the microwave for a national industrial pie maker, to now making high quality taste sensations in his bakeries around the world.

    ‘Pies are now even becoming part of the menu in fine-dining restaurants. The humble pie is coming back with passion.

    Pie: 80+ Pies and Pastry Delights invites you to salivate over the stunning photography from Aaron McLean and delve into a brief introductory history of the humble pie by Paul Hansen, a baker and the founder of the Bake ls New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards.

    Who knew pies can be traced back to ancient Egypt? Or that the Greeks were the first makers of ‘pie pastry’? In New Zealand the humble pie arrived in the 1930s through the pie cart, and so a long tradition began.

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  • New World Baking: My Time In Shanghai

    Released: July 2011
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$45
    ISBN: 9789814302821
    Paperback, 208 pages, Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd

    Following on from the top-rating and highly successful television programme, and coinciding with the launch of the second series on TV3, comes the book of the series, New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, with Dean Brettschneider.

    Recognised as one of the world’s best bakers, Global Baker Dean Brettschneider defines his baking style as New World baking—a mix of tradition and innovation.

    In New World Baking: My Time in Shanghai Dean Brettschneider shares his best recipes for breads, pastries and cakes that delight the cosmopolitan crowds in Shanghai day after day.

    Categorised by the dining experience—breakfast, lunch and dinner—you can now plan your baking around mealtimes and serve up a Deluxe Fruit and Nut Loaf or an Italian Bomboloni for breakfast, a Mushroom, Tomato and Cheese Brioche Tart or a Pumpkin and Cumin Turkish Pide for lunch and an Orange Pine Nut Polenta Cake or an Aniseed and Black Sesame Seed Petite Baguette for dinner.

    To be accompanied by a hit TV Series on

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  • The Menu

    Released: October 2008
    Author: Dean Brettschneider, David Laris
    RRP: S$45.00
    ISBN: 978-981-261-623-4
    Hardback, 216 pages, Marshall Cavendish Cuisine

    The Menu is a collection of 15 five-course menus, from the breads at the start of a meal, to the starters, mains, desserts and petit fours, that promise to inspire and invigorate the home cook and host.

    Co-authored by celebrated chef David Laris and master baker and pâtissier Dean Brettschneider, The Menu is an inspiring collection of 15 five-course menus suitable for use in the modern home kitchen. The menus, categorised by themes such as Celebrate, New Comfort Food and Contemporary Global Inspirations, provide guidance and direction for putting together a sit-down function with family, friends or even work associates. If preferred, the recipes can be prepared separately, or mixed and matched according to taste. Additional notes from David Laris on tableware, flowers, lighting, music and even conversation, make this book an invaluable resource for the aspiring home cook and host.

    Reviews & endorsements:

    “What a treat! Another wonderful cookbook by baker Dean Brettschneider, this time co-authored with top chef David Laris who brings a creative sophistication to the pages with his delicious dishes. David and Dean are a fantastic team, and by following their lead, you’ll be serving your friends the most inspiring of dinner party menus.”
    ~ Peter Gordon,The Providores, London, UK

    “Two of the best culinary talents in Asia combine to create a series of stunning menus complete with wine suggestions. The brilliance of David Laris’ contemporary cuisine is beautifully balanced by the expertise of Dean Brettschneider’s innovative and instantly appealing pâtisserie and baking.”
    ~ Lauraine Jacobs, food editor Cuisine, NZ

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  • Global Baker - Dean Brettschneider

    Released: October 2007
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: S$45.00
    ISBN: 978-1 86941-857-1
    Paperback, 192 pages, Random House New Zealand

    A book of inspirational recipes with international influences – bread, pastries, cakes and desserts.

    In this, his fourth book, Dean shares recipes for bread, pastries, cakes and desserts that reflect his broad international experience. There are also extensive instructions on techniques and ingredients, and decoration tips.

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  • The Cook & The Baker

    Released: 1 October 2010
    Author: Dean Brettschneider & Mark McDonough
    RRP: $45.00
    Paperback, 240 pages, Random House New Zealand Ltd

    From a dedicated cook and an international baker comes a stunning collection of recipes highlighting their shared passion.

    Stylish, gutsy food from Global Baker Dean Brettschneider (judge of Nestlé New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker), and Mark McDonough of Newmarket’s highly successful Zarbo Deli and Café. Together they have assembled this collection of delicious recipes for the home chef – breads, entrées, mains, desserts, cakes, cookies and pastries. Each recipe is crammed full of flavour and colour from fabulous fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. Launched together with the TV programme of the same name, showing on NZ’s Food TV, from October 3, 2010.

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  • Baked: Treats For Breakfast, Lunch And Tea

    Released: 22 May 2013
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: NZ$45.00
    Paperback, 208 pages, Penguin Group (NZ)

    A collection of more than 80 delectable recipes to bake at home from Global Baker and pâtissier Dean Brettschneider.

    On a typical day at one of Dean Brettschneider’s many bakeries, you will find freshly baked croissants, American-style muffins, chocolate cakes, Danish rye bread, hazelnut biscotti, Turkish pide and a selection of homemade jams and chutneys. In Baked: Treats for Breakfast, Lunch & Tea, Dean shares the recipes and tricks of the trade you need to recreate these baked goods and more in your very own home – because nothing beats enjoying a delectable treat straight out of the oven.

    Good baking caters to every eating occasion – and so too do the recipes in this cookbook. Taking inspiration from all corners of the globe, the recipes in BAKED: Treats for Breakfast, Lunch and Tea encompass what Dean’s baking is all about – simple but stylish fare that will quickly have you and your family and friends scrambling for seconds.

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  • New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, With Dean Brettschneider

    Released: March 2011
    Author: Dean Brettschneider
    RRP: $35.00
    Paperback, 208 pages, Penguin

    Following on from the top-rating and highly successful television programme, and coinciding with the launch of the second series on TV3, comes the book of the series, New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker, with Dean Brettschneider.

    Global Baker and series judge, Dean Brettschneider, shares his golden rules of baking to bring the home baker a range of accessible and inspirational recipes from the eight contestants featured in the first series, and inspire them in their own kitchens..

    The book captures all the top recipes from the show, including biscuits, slices, breads, scones, cakes and cupcakes, muffins, savoury and sweet pies, tarts and desserts. Filled with tips and tricks from Dean throughout the book, the reader will be able to learn how to make professional looking baked goods.

    Packed with beautiful food photography and bustling with behind-the-scenes action shots from the show, this is the perfect book for any aspiring home baker.

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  • Taste - Baking With Flavour

    Released: April 2005
    Author: Dean Brettschneider, Lauraine Jacobs
    RRP: NZ$39.99
    ISBN: 1-86941-684-8
    Paperback, 160 pages, Random House New Zealand

    Worldwide, bakers are taking inspiration from the alluring new flavours they encounter on their travels. In Taste – Baking with Flavour, award-winning authors Dean Brettschneider and Lauraine Jacobs offer more than 50 recipes.

    Clearly set out, featuring ‘Keys to Success’ and Aaron McLean’s outstanding photographs, this exciting new collection is for serious bakers and novice cooks alike.

    From Chocolate Pistachio Madeleines to Lemon and Blueberry Polenta Cake, from Korean Corn Bread to Red Onion Fougasse, Taste will tantalise and inspire you.

    While the focus is on just that, the authors don’t neglect the basics. They describe how best to make the building blocks of baking – such as puff pastry, sponge cake and even a natural sourdough mix using yeasts absorbed from the air around us. They show how the traditional techniques of artisan bakers can be combined with good ingredients to produce a superb and stylish meal.

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  • Baker - The Best Of International Baking From Australia And New Zealand

    Released: 2001
    Author: Dean Brettschneider, Lauraine Jacobs
    RRP: NZ$38.00
    ISBN: 1-877178-79-9
    Paperback, 200 pages

    Baker won the Best Bread Book award in English at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2001.

    This book presents everything the home baker, professional baker or chef needs to know about breads, cakes and pastries.

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  • The New Zealand Baker

    Author: Dean Brettschneider, Lauraine Jacobs
    RRP: NZ$36.00
    ISBN: 1-877178-55-1
    Paperback, 168 pages, Tandem Press

    The New Zealand Baker – secrets and recipes from the professionals is a response to the interest of both home cooks and chef bakers who want to extend their baking skills and learn from the experts.

    This comprehensive book includes technical detail and advice plus favourite recipes from bakeries, restaurants and delis. This wonderful collection includes new and innovative, as well as traditional styles of baking – everything from leaven bread to croissants or honey and almond tart. The bakery section presents recipes from about 20 of New Zealand’s best bakeries.

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  • A Treasury Of New Zealand Baking

    Released: 2 October 2009
    Edited by: Lauraine Jacobs
    Photography by: Aaron McLean
    RRP: NZ$55.00
    All royalties go the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. Random House NZ

    Over 100 recipes from New Zealand’s leading food writers and chefs, baked by Dean Brettschneider, photographed by Aaron McLean.

    A treasure trove of cakes, slices, loaves, scones, tarts and muffins from our best-loved foodwriters and chefs. Infused with love and a generosity of spirit, A Treasury of New Zealand Baking is destined to become a comforting kitchen companion to be treasured and passed down through the generations.

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