Baker & Cook

The Global Baker developed from baker to businessman and founded his hugely successful bakery chain, Baker & Cook.


Hottest Home Baker

New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker was Dean’s first stint on TV. This would be the first of many TV series about food, baking, travel and lifestyle.


Baker & Cook was first opened in Hillcrest Road, Singapore in 2012. There are now 10 Baker & Cook bakery and food stores in Singapore… and counting.

Building a Global Brand

From day one, the goal at Baker & Cook has always been to become the world’s leading bakery and foodstore. The timing was right. The demand for freshly baked artisan bread spread like wild fire in Singapore and Baker & Cook became the talk of the town.

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook is Singapore’s only true artisan bakery & foodstore. The bakery products are hand-crafted and made with time honoured processes with honest ingredients. The popular bakery and foodstore provides a contemporary dining & shopping experience striving to enrich as many peoples’ lives as possible with our ‘passion is our main ingredient’ attitude. The Baker & Cook brand has expanded to catering, delivery, events and sliced sourdough breads sold in supermarkets.


The first Plank Sourdough Pizza opened in Swan Lake, Singapore in May 2015.

Plank Sourdough Pizza

Opened in 2015, Plank Sourdough Pizza was the first pizzeria in Singapore to specialise in slow fermentation, sourdough pizza crust. At Plank Sourdough Pizza, we pride ourselves on offering the finest curated, hand stretched sourdough pizzas, topped with interesting, simple, quality ingredients, in a relaxed and family-friendly environment.

Brettschneider’s Baking and Cooking School

A natural-born teacher, Dean is passionate about educating home bakers and cooks about quality ingredients, proper baking and cooking techniques, and thoughtful presentation. In April 2016, he opened Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School. His mission in an era of fast food is to keep the art of baking and cooking alive.

Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers

Born in 2018 out of a desire to create really good honest Antipodean burgers made with Baker & Cook sourdough buns, Mo & Jo Sourdough Burgers has been a real hit in the Greenwood neighbourhood and is a scalable burger business.

Dean Bakes & Cooks